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Abused complainant meets officers from the “Tatatertib” Department of Bukit Aman

3 April 2012 – Had a press conference at the Police headquarters Bukit Aman before meeting the officers from the “Tatatertib” department. Joining me was the complainant Ms.Lim Hui Hui, her lawyer Mr. Tan and my service center personnel. The meeting with the Tatatertib department lasted for 2 hours with the complainant re-enacting her ordeal at the police station to the investigation officer. Datuk Hashim Bin Abdul Jalil the Ketua Unit Urusetia Tatatertib has given his word that he will undertake this case and he will forward this case directly to the IGP once the report is completed.

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More police abuse of power: Account from a constituent

Today,  I held a press conference at my Seputeh Service Centre on a case of police brutality and misconduct that happened to a resident in my constituency. The complainant was falsely detained and abused.

Based on her police report, according to the complainant, she was at the bank withdrawing money, early in the morning on 24 March 2012, (at about 6am). Following this, while she was counting her money in her car, she noticed a car with high beams flashing at her. Fearing for the worst she quickly drove off heading home. She then realized that the car which was following her was actually the police. According to her, when she reached her condominium two police officers queried her motives of ‘running away’ from the authorities. After  explaining herself, the police officer proceeded to search her car. She asked the police officer why he only searched the front and not the back of the car. The police officer just asked her to be quiet and not to ask so many questions.

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The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has promised to review the Bukit OUG hillside housing project which will raise the local plot ratio from 60 people per acre to an astounding 500 people per acre.

According to Bukit OUG Condominium (BOC) residents, DBKL deputy director director-general Zulkifli Ibrahim has pledged to meet the developer, Exsim Development Sdn Bhd, to discuss a possible density reduction.

The meeting between DBKL, BOC residents and Exsim was to look into the developer’s proposal for building four blocks of 31 to 33-storey condominiums on a hillside opposite of BOC, named Treez Condominium.

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DBKL to get Ikram to check integrity of OUG slope

KUALA LUMPUR City Hall (DBKL) will engage the Public Works Institute of Malaysia (Ikram) to determine if it is safe to carry out works on the land next to the Bukit OUG condominiums.

More than 20 Bukit OUG residents turned up at the DBKL headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut with Seputeh MP Teresa Kok to hand in a memorandum to voice their objections against the proposed developments on the land neighbouring their property. Read the rest of this entry