Lack of Communication with Datuk Bandar stifle the work of MPs

During the reign to Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail as the Datuk Bandar from 2008 to 2012, he always met up with the MPs of Kuala Lumpur regularly to discuss the issues faced by the public. In fact, meetings between the previous Datuk Bandar and the MPs were held quarterly. YB Teresa Kok states that she was happy as the constant communication with the previous Datuk Bandar enabled her to address issues raised by the public under her constituency directly to the Datuk Bandar.

In July 2012 however, the then FT Minister, Raja Nong Chik, appointed Tan Sri Ahmad Phesal Talib as the new Datuk Bandar. Since then, YB Teresa Kok and other MPs of Kuala Lumpur had only met with the new Datuk Bandar once. In fact, the last time a quarterly meeting between the Datuk Bandar and the MPs was supposed to take place, was cancelled at the last minute. The cancelled meeting was never re-scheduled. In fact, no further meetings have taken place. YB Teresa Kok therefore urge the incumbent Datuk Bandar to meet up with all the MPs, and continue the practice of meeting with the MPs quarterly, so that they can work together in serving the people of KL better. 


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