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‘Yellow wave’ in Parliament by Pakatan reps

Pakatan Rakyat MPs turned up in Parliament decked out in various articles in the distinctive yellow of Bersih to protest the police clampdown on the electoral reform rally.

Most of the men sported ties in the ‘official’ Bersih 2.0 colour or others in shades of yellow, while the women were attired in yellow.

The rest wore various articles of clothing in the same colour, while those more daring like Bukit Gantang parliamentarian Nizar Jamaluddin and Bakri MP Er Teck Hwa donned the official Bersih 2.0 T-shirt, which has caused the arrest of many since the crackdown began, in open defiance.

At a press conference in the parliament lobby today, the MPs stood in solidarity with Bersih and the rakyat’s wishes for free and fair elections, condemning the unilateral and as some argued, illegal and unconstitutional crackdown on the hugely popular rally. Read the rest of this entry


Malaysia arrests 14 for ‘Bersih’ protest T-shirts

Word means ‘clean’ and is used by group planning banned rally against electoral corruption.

Malaysian police have detained 14 opposition activists for wearing T-shirts promoting a planned rally against alleged electoral abuses.

It is the latest attempt by authorities to deter citizens from marching in Kuala Lumpur on 9 July in what the opposition hopes will be Malaysia’s biggest protest in nearly four years.

The activists are demanding that authorities overhaul voter lists, introduce transparent procedures for ballots to be counted and make other policy changes ahead of national elections widely expected by mid-2012. Government officials say current electoral laws are fair enough. Read the rest of this entry





艾琳、希山慕丁萊益斯及瑪麗亞陳是在代表律師雲大舜和拉蒂法的陪同下,前往金馬警區總部接受警方問話,警方是援引1967年警察法令及1948年煽動法令傳召3人錄供。 Read the rest of this entry