The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has promised to review the Bukit OUG hillside housing project which will raise the local plot ratio from 60 people per acre to an astounding 500 people per acre.

According to Bukit OUG Condominium (BOC) residents, DBKL deputy director director-general Zulkifli Ibrahim has pledged to meet the developer, Exsim Development Sdn Bhd, to discuss a possible density reduction.

The meeting between DBKL, BOC residents and Exsim was to look into the developer’s proposal for building four blocks of 31 to 33-storey condominiums on a hillside opposite of BOC, named Treez Condominium.

The residents express concern that the high-rise development could pose adverse impacts on traffic flow, density and affect the slope’s stability.

“We cannot accept such a sharp increase in plot ratio. The traffic flow will be terrible once the buildings are up,” said BOC resident association vice president Charles Ho.

He said the project will essentially touch on the slope that supports BOC, hence proper safety measures should be put into place.

“We haven’t been given any plans regarding the removal of the slope from the developer,” he said.

He added that reports from Exsim and infrastructure solution provider Ikram, which is tasked by DBKL to inspect the slope (down, right) two weeks ago, will help residents to ease their minds.

Developer: we can comply

Exsim director Lim Aik Hoe assured that Treez Condominium will comply with all the necessary requirements imposed by DBKL, which includes a possible density reduction.

“It is subject to DBKL on whether we can build according to our plan or not,” he said.

He clarified that Exsim will only launch the project by 2013.

“We will make sure that the slope is safe with good retaining wall,” he added.



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