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Residents infuriated by City Hall’s inconsiderate move

Bukit OUG residents in Kuala Lumpur are concerned over the safety of their property after parcels of land in the neighbourhood were cleared, leaving a hillslope exposed.

The perimeter wall of the Bukit OUG condo sits on top of a hillslope that previously had trees on it.

Over 30 residents recently gathered with Seputeh MP Teresa Kok to protest against developments in the area. Read the rest of this entry


指三项高密度公寓严重破坏基建 武吉华联居民反对发展

(吉隆坡11日讯)武吉华联(Bukit OUG)居民反对毗邻三项高密度的公寓发展,除了破坏当地的基建,甚至造成泥土流失,原有的14栋公寓6440名居民深感生命受威胁。


居民今天向民主行动党士布爹区国会议员反映此事后,议决星期一(13日)到吉隆坡市政厅高举横幅和平请愿,要隆市长拿督斯里阿末弗亚兑现会见居民承诺,解决有关问题。 Read the rest of this entry