Want 1Malaysia? Rid ‘race’ on gov’t forms

Selangor exco member Teresa Kok has challenged the Najib administration to abolish the ‘race’ column on all government forms to prove its sincerity in attaining 1Malaysia’s goals.

In a statement today, Kok said that having this requirement on government forms discourages Malaysians from identifying themselves as simply Malaysians.

“For all Najib’s extravagant 1Malaysia advertising and logos liberally plastered all over government uniforms, government buildings and election freebies, it is all meaningless.

“When it comes to actual policy, Najib does not practise what he preaches, which is a united Malaysia where all Malaysian are equal,” she said in reference to the National Registration Department’s (NRD) refusal to allow Subang Jaya state assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh to register her daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia.’

Kok said Najib must show sincerity toward 1Malaysia and take steps to abolish the ‘race’ column in all government forms.

Sincerity vs political expediency

“If Najib genuinely believed in 1Malaysia, he would have long instructed NRD and his entire government to stop categorising Malaysians as ‘Melayu’, ‘Cina’, ‘Indian’, or ‘Others’.

“These are labels that BN imposes upon Malaysians from birth, denying us from self-identifying ourselves and each other as being simply Malaysian for their selfish political expediency,” she said.

A check with several NRD branches revealed that there are three separate rules for the registration of a child’s ethnic status according to locality.

In Sabah, a child can be classified as mixed race, while in Sarawak, the child’s race will be the same as the father. In peninsular Malaysia, a child’s race will be the same as either parent.



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