Lembah Kinrara members still with DAP, says branch chief

KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 — Lembah Kinrara DAP chairman Azhar Shapawi today denied claims that 64 Malay members of his branch have joined Umno.

National news agency Bernama reported last month that Azhar’s predecessor, Harun Abdul Wahab, and his Malay colleagues had quit DAP for the Malay ruling party.

“My Malay DAP colleagues and I at Lembah Kinrara wish to stress that we were never informed about us joining Umno, and we are puzzled as to why Harun Abdul Wahab dragged us in without our permission and knowledge,” said Azhar in a statement today.

“Based on our investigation, only a few members followed Harun into Umno, which were his family members and a few of his closest friends, but the rest of us remain as members of the DAP,” he added.

Teresa Kok, who is the Kinrara assemblyman, pointed out that there were only 60 Malay members registered with the DAP branch.

The Selangor DAP chief also said more Malays had joined her party recently.

Kok says DAP has seen an increase in Malay members



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