Kok slams cops for ‘cattle branding’ women

DAP National Organising Secretary Teresa Kok has likened the police action of marking the body parts of foreigners detained in an anti-vice raid in Penang last night with a marker pen as ‘cattle branding’. 

Kok said the police had gone beyond their authority and shown a flagrant lack of decency by marking the foreigners with a “X” on the forehead or a tick on their chest. 

“In doing so, the police branded the detained women as though they are cattle. How depraved, dehumanising and derogatory to women,” she said in a statement today. 

Stressing that the police had no right to do so, Kok said the move was clearly aimed at humiliating the suspects.

“It is sickening that the police would employ such dehumanising tactics as a show of power and moral superiority over their detainees.

“I remind the police that punishment can only be meted out by a court of law, and only upon those who have been charged and found guilty,” she said. 

Kok said that in view of this, the inspector-general of police should make public the standard operating procedure of the force in anti-vice raids. 

“(He must) explain why the police marked the bodies of their detainees,” she said. 

“In addition, the IGP should send all the police officers involved in the raid concerned for human rights and gender sensitivity training to ensure that this dark blotch on the police record is not repeated.” 

Penang chief police officer Ayub Yaakob said the marking of the women was performed to identify the individuals who were detained as many would be rounded-up during a raid.


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